Running Log: August 28th through October 1st

I guess I can post a September update and call myself accomplished in keeping up with the blog.

In my defense, this past month I dealt with hurricane evacuation, food poisoning, traveling internationally and starting my position as Phd scholarship candidate (these things account for the longer gaps in my log)… I’m going to cut myself slack even if you won’t. ;-)

updated log

There’s not a lot to comment on from this last update, since I really followed the “whatever works” plan pretty religiously. One can see since getting back to Berlin that running is working a little better. I guess it’s also worth noting that I’ve steadily built up to double-digit runs. Soon I may even look into a race again.

My 800 intervals, one of the ways I keep track of my fitness, are 3:20 on average, so I am pretty pleased with how I’m staying in shape even if it’s not marathon shape. I hope to continue having a more consistent pattern of running soon, so that I can get more easy running in and build up my base again.

And… yep. That’s all I have to say this time around.

Hope September was a great month of running for all of you! Looking forward to seeing all the fall race recaps.


In honor of Global Running Day…

Or not, I don’t know. Maybe it’s as good an excuse to post again as any.

I’ve been nowhere, and it wasn’t very exciting.

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I’ve posted. I guess, after one misses a certain amount of time and doing nothing exciting, blogging is out of the system and doesn’t seem worth the effort… then the days turn into weeks, months… you know the drill.

But, hello there! Nice to share some running news with you again.

First of all, no, I didn’t get in an accident, get sick, have a major life-changing event happen, etc. I really just did my normal stuff and didn’t blog about it.

But now, heading into a warm summer, I want to get back to blogging. Of course I’m kidding myself when I think that I’ll be able to keep it up normally while in Germany, which is where I’m heading in less than seven days, but for the time being, this is an update.

Since I last went running, my log looks really consistent and kind of boring. The best of news, right?

update running

It looks like I take a lot of rest days, but I try to only have two a week. They keep my knees and feet happy, and my social calendar seems a lot more manageable when I can plan two days instead of just one.

Sparknotes of my training: my only goal for the past months has been to do a steady increase in my mileage.

For the past seven weeks, I’ve been adding a mile each week to get up to 35 last week, and I plan to do this for the next ten weeks as well. That was the only caveat for my training. It happened to be that I had days where a fartlek felt good, or I did intervals, or needed a long run at the end of the week to get to the goal mileage. For the past three weeks, I’ve also been checking my mile speed. So far, my fastest mile has been 6:27, but I know I just need to get my speed back. The colors of the different kinds of runs I did reflect my flexibility at the type and length of run I did, and so far the build-up has been smooth.

So, I didn’t really have a goal, but knew about a 10K I usually do in Berlin at the end of July that I signed up for a few weeks ago. It’s been on my mind during faster workouts, and now I’ll slowly start ramping up speedwork over the next few weeks. While I dislike evening races, and I tend to struggle balancing family vacation and race-day priorities for this particular race, I do want to try for a 10K PR there. Sub-44 minutes would be awesome!

Also, the latest news is that I’m running a second marathon this year. Not quite sure how it happened, myself. I usually go for one marathon a year and am grateful to even get in the one, both financially speaking and in regards to my health. However, after an exciting PR in February and general good recovery, I found myself missing the marathon training and feel ready for a second race this year. Saturday, in randomly looking through marathons I could do in the fall in Germany, I found the München Marathon (that’s in Munich, for those of you who have never been to Oktoberfest Wies’n). Twenty minutes and 94 dollars later, there’s this thing I’m running…

Woo hoo!

It will be cool to watch the Berlin Marathon in Berlin this year, and know I’ll be running my own marathon a few weeks later later in one of Germany’s coolest cities. I guess I should start looking for a plan to follow…

Ta da! You’ve been updated, and I hope summer running is looking good for you! Temps and humidity are up here in South Florida, but as long as I put on my sunblock and stay hydrated, it’s not too bad. Plus, I have some shady German forest trails to look forward to.

For closing, I present you with Fort Lauderdale marathon picture #10 (“proof”ed, of course). They never posted my finish-line pic’ with my medal, but I do have this one and others. You can’t tell how I pee’ed my pants (sorry if that’s TMI) and my running face isn’t pretty, but this shows me running strongly into the finish and makes me happy, even almost four months later.

Cheers, DT

FL marathon10

P.S. I’m not running today, because my body tells me it wants a rest. Still, it’s a happy running day for any runner, even when s/he takes a rest.



Running Log: February 1-13; just in time

Hello from sunny south Florida (yes, it’s a nice 70 degrees here, though don’t worry, we do our suffering in the summer).

I’ve taken a little while to post since my last log, because for some reason, I thought I’d jinx myself if I posted before today. Call this a last-minute reflection on training post too, if you want.

Basically the last two weeks look like a taper. Obviously.

training first of Feb.

Sort of anticlimactic compared to what I did the three weeks prior:

last four weeks

But that’s marathon training for you (unless you’re doing Hansom’s method. Then this just looks like a walk in the park).

I won’t go through a totally in-depth review of my running, because commenting on it two weeks later gave me the perspective to just summarize what’s important. Basically, no surprises here, but I felt like crap the first week of February. I had pushed myself a bit hard on the 15 miler and getting in all the other runs afterwards was difficult. Thanks to Paula at Never a Dull Bling for her advice about zinc though, I think that saved me from a cold these last two weeks). I finally had a chance to use the track for my intervals (10 x 400s), but did them the whole time with glasses in hand, because I forgot my contacts. I ended the week with a reluctant 10 miles that I kept easy, and then proceeded to take two rest days. I didn’t have to, but it did make me feel better. It also helped take care of the “click” I was feeling in my right knee… likely a taper pain, but I was much less nervous once it was gone.

On Tuesday, I did some last intervals around my campus, because the track team was hogging the track (good for them, but it’s a shame they won’t share it with us “lesser” folk). These felt good, and I got some anxiousness out.

But then I ended up taking an unplanned rest day, and after an easy run on Thursday, took another one. That’s three days of running in the past seven days… and I haven’t decided yet how I feel about that. We’ll see after tomorrow if that was a good thing or not.

Today featured an easy 1.5 mile run with some strides. Overall pace slightly more than 8:50 mpm, so I made sure it was easy. I could have gone for two miles, but the house-work this morning (it’s my curse to be the only runner in my family [my bro runs, but more recreationally once a week  when he’s reminded that it’s good for him]).

So, that’s the log! I’m going to type out a “night before the race” post soon.

In the meantime, I’m curious: what do your tapers look like?



Running Log: Jan 11-18

First weeks and birthdays and PRs, oh my!

The first week of the semester hit me hard. I finished teaching on Friday and felt like I’d been steam-rolled with a pair of my student’s textbooks, not to mention that I still had a class to go to. Let’s all agree that it’s a good thing there was race-day packet pickup. Still, the first week is over and now a routine will slowly settle and at least I didn’t have a hard training week, since I was tapering for the half. What that bodes for this upcoming week… we’ll see in a week.

At any rate, I took it easy, and it shows in my training.

half training week

Monday 1/11: 5.3 miles easy, no point in pushing it too hard during a taper week
Tuesday 1/12: 3.5 miles on my first day of teaching, got them in early while I still could, did a few miles on the bike trainer after bro’s birthday celebrations with the family.
Wednesday 1/13: 5.7 miles early in the morning to get them out of the way before a long day at the uni, and then added a few miles in the evening when I got back for good measure. The morning miles were a fast set of intervals that I didn’t expect, and then the evening miles turned into a 7:30 tempo run. What what?
Thursday 1/14: rest day? rest day it was.
Friday 1/15: 2.3 miles to shake the legs out. Felt hard and slow, which is to be expected after a lower volume week. Had to talk myself out of admitting that this meant I would fail at my goals in Saturday’s race.
Saturday 1/16: 1:37:25 Half-marathon PR. (beats my PR from last Dec. by 1:33) I almost did mess myself up at the race though, coming out the first mile at 7:02 and then thinking I could hold it for a sub-22 mile 5K for the first round. Should have been smarter (I guess I was delusional and thought I had the fitness for all 7 minute miles). I thankfully didn’t fall too far off the mark and held the 7:20-ish pace throughout. I don’t understand my splits, since there are too many 7:32, 7:27, 7:13 patterns, but I’ll get over that confusion. Ultimately, it was most important to me to  practice my fueling strategies (I’m a stop and drink kind of person; no walk and sip for me) and gauge my fitness. I’m pretty happy with where I’m at, and I’m grateful for the PR even with the stupidity at the start!
7:02, 7:09. 7:21. 7:17.7:16, 7:32, 7:27, 7:13, 7:32, 7:27, 7:13, 7:32, 7:27, 7:49, 7:51, 7:32, last .1 at 6:05.
Warm-up and cool-down (I forced myself to cool-down so that I avoid most of the pain from DOMS) brought the total to 16.5 miles.
Sunday 1/17: pretty sore, though not as much as last year. Really wish I would have had some time for any sort of light movement, but had too much physics to do (funny, reading about things in motion while sitting around on my you-know-what).

Total: 36.7 miles

Monday 1/18: Worked out the soreness this morning with an easy 7.4 mile run. The beginning was hard, every down-hill hurt, but surprise-surprise, I loosened up by the end. Round this out with a nice walk with the family on the beach after breakfast, and the day was good before it even became noon.

Happy MLK day, everyone. Hope you have a good week.



Running Log: Jan. 4-10 during which I take advantage of free time

Monday it’s back at the Uni with all the joys and frustrations of teaching. I’m also taking a course in stochastics (still not quite sure why), so that will be an interesting diversion from running.

Knowing that it was my last week of “freedom” and my third build-week before the cut-back week and my tune-up half marathon impacted my training decisions this week. Honestly, it was hard getting 8 or more miles each run this week, and I seriously considered, already outside at my car door at 5:45 this morning, skipping the group run.

Nah. I eventually convinced myself that even if I felt like I could fall asleep again and could run later, I’d be happy with myself if I got it over with now. I’d feel better afterwards. Not entirely convinced, I made it to the group run, had a very slow first 7 miles, but then managed to pick it up by the end.

I like to think that I trained myself to run on tired legs all this week (20-miler last weekend, 5 x 1 miles at sub-7 mpm, and all the distance), but I had no idea what I was doing. Still, hoping I sleep well tonight, I should be ready to run a strong half next weekend after a relatively easy week.

training jan 3

Monday, Jan. 4- easy 8 miler with some circuit training in the park. I was feeling good and worked out the kinks left over from the long-run.
Tuesday, Jan. 5- woke up not feeling all that great, but by the time my chance to run came around, I felt okay. Strong mile intervals with 90 seconds rest: 6:48, 6:47, 6:57, 6:55, 6:49.
Wednesday, Jan. 6- I had the time, so while I wasn’t feeling totally into it at the beginning, ran 8 miles
Thursday, Jan. 7- when the week started, I actually thought I would take Thursday off and run Friday. But then I thought about sleeping in, and how I wouldn’t be able to sleep in on Saturday with the group run, I had to wake up early for orientation at school on Thursday, and I’d really want to sleep in Friday… so went out for a five-miler, that turned into a ten miler, that turned into 11.7 because I misjudged distances. Still, I didn’t have to run Friday!
Friday, Jan. 8- a rest-day that felt glorious!! Unfortunately, I was woken up early-ish anyway, but not having to run was a relief. Had a nice walk on the beach.
Saturday, Jan. 9- 11 miles with the group. To have an idea of some of my initial splits: 9:19. 9:28, 9:29 … I surprised myself by picking it up after a Gu, and pulled off an 8:39 overall pace by the end. So I guess I am glad I went for the run, but I’ve been tired all day.
Sunday, Jan. 10- sleep in! Hopefully. And rest-day… need to give my poor feet a break. Going to ride my bike to lunch, so I’ll get a little movement in.

total: 47.4 miles.  It’s the highest mileage I’ve had in over a year… and knowing my body, I may have pushed it… but for now I hope it’s just a good start to the year.

Hope everyone had a great week!

A tale of two logs- Running Logs 12/6-12/20

Really? I couldn’t think of anything less cliche for a title?

Short answer: nope. Long answer: also nope. Sorry folks. It already seems as though I can barely blog… with a post once every two weeks. But I have pictures this time!

Obviously, life was normal enough the last time I wrote. It was, after all, only the first advent and I knew I’d be done with grades and university obligations by the 13th… or so I thought. Unfortunately, I underestimated my obligations and yesterday was the first day I could breath deeply. Seriously, international freshmen are a different species of student.

But it’s all good. My running actually went well.


I won’t break it down like I normally do, but I will say that I had two tempo runs, two interval sessions, two long runs, and a race (that was more like a cool-down for my long-ish run yesterday) to fill the past two weeks, with three rest days and five easy days. Actually a solid cycle of training, other than the fact that I always wish I could do more miles. But those weeks will come. 12/7-12/13 was 40 miles, which is more than I’ve done in a good long while. 12/14-12/20 was 36 miles, which isn’t shabby for a down week.

The best runs of this cycle were the long run last Saturday and the runs yesterday.

Last Saturday, I set out for 16 miles. After how I felt during that week, I thought 15 would be okay too, but I also thought 16 were reasonable (even if I only did 13-14 the week before…). Turns out, the route I took brought me to near 16.7 miles, so I ended up with a solid long run at a pace that’s surprising even for me: 8:36. I did some miles at tempo (8:00-8:15) and some at something slower. I feel confident that I’m going to be able to do 8:30 at my next marathon, but I’d like to be able to do 8. We’ll see.

While I felt good during and following the run, I felt kind of tired this entire week. I don’t know if it was because of the psychological stress I was experiencing or the long run, but I was glad to just head out for 4-6 miles every day. I’m looking to do two 40+ mile weeks through New Year’s, with a 19-miler and a 20-miler, so there was no point in pushing this week.

The other special run of this cycle was a Jingle Bell Jog 5K. It was the slowest race I’ve ever run (that’s including my first ever 5K): 27:19 . I did it on purpose, though.. I really had to reign my self (and tongue) in, but I wanted to run the race with my brother, who is a tad out of shape (his PR beats mine by quite a bit). I wore the full Santa get-up and since this is in South Florida, it was quite warm. I also ran a long warm-up of 9 miles (met my brother at the race) so that I wouldn’t feel tempted to run too fast. It turned out to be worth it, as we both sprinted into the finish and have the first (and likely last) finishing photo of both of us together, and I’m waiting for those race photos to come in and share them.

So that’s coming up! As well as some serious post catch-up (I mean, I don’t always just need to talk about myself, I have some great running advice I’ve collected these past few months). Yesterday’s race (such a fun, holiday-themed run, the first I’ve ever done!) rounded out the 5K season for me, which brought my erhofft für (hoped for) PR. Now, it’s onward to a marathon PR (hopefully) and serious marathon training. I have a tune-up half marathon in January to look forward to, but I’m looking to building mileage these next few weeks to carefully get me to peak training condition.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and/or days off (if you don’t celebrate it). :-)



Running Log 11/2-11/8 in which I review a week of questionable training choices

There’s a reason chemists, physicists and other hard scientists rely so much on their charts and graphs. Sometimes a chart really does explain something better than is possible with a tick-tack of letters strung together from across the keyboard.

November 8th update

However, being the literary nerd that I am, I do both.

The weeks leading up through the beginning of October have been very consistent in terms of speed sessions, rest days, and long runs. However, since my 5K race and timid approach to cutting out the rest day before my long run, things have gotten kind of funky. Without a real running plan, I have no idea what to do these two weeks before my goal 5k. I can’t decide whether to do a cut-back week (as I normally would after three weeks of building) or another week with the same mileage and types of workouts before heading into a cut-back week right before the 5K… it’s all up in the air and I have no guidance, but a lot of hope riding on this race. I’ve written my goal time on my desk board, in my journals, and here: 21:14, which is a 6:50 mpm pace and totally doable; I’ve just never done it before.

So that’s that. Coupled with some pretty spontaneous personal plans and familial obligations, I’ve had to adjust my training a few times this week. This resulted in two shorter long runs rather than the usual one long run, as well as an active rest day in the middle of the week and some hill work when I don’t have a hill to train on and haven’t touched my incline on a treadmill (beyond going at the usual .5) in forever.

Monday, 11/2- check-in run for the PF and knee symptoms I was feeling after Saturday’s long run. Legs felt good after Sunday’s rest, so I did end up going for almost 6 miles at a pretty good clip: 8:05 mpm. I wasn’t pushing it, so I didn’t feel too guilty about nixing an easy run, but still had no solid verdict on the symptoms.
11/3- That’s where Tuesday’s run came in. I was on campus late again, waiting for my ride, so I left right away after my office hour and ran to the beach (I know, it’s nice to go to a university that is 5K from a warm beach- but I don’t make it there nearly often enough). I headed out and returned on a meandering trail right outside my university. The sun was strong, and my calves and knees had a few issues throughout the beginning miles, but then things settled down and I enjoyed it.
However, when I got back from the run, I found out I wouldn’t have the next afternoon to run, and since I have to be in class at 8 AM, I didn’t feel like an even earlier day than usual on Wednesday, so I added a few miles at the gym (before weights) to give myself some buffer for the next day. Hence, I have 10 miles for Tuesday.
11/4- turns out, I could have run Wednesday afternoon after all, since the plans that were made that cancelled my run were also cancelled, but I kept it an easy day anyway. Leisurely swim in the evening light (it’s experiences like these that remind me that I do like Florida weather… sometimes)
11/5- I didn’t do speed work on Tuesday, but didn’t feel like doing it Thursday either, so I compromised by doing 6 miles of hill intervals. These were fun and seemed to cause less problems with my knees than the usual speed work does. I did a warm-up, .25 at 4 incline, .25 at 5, .25 at 6.5, .25 at 7, .25 at 8, .5 at 8, .5 at 7, .75 at 5.5, .5 at 4 and then something else through the rest of the time (including 7.1 speed at max (15.0) incline) with .25 jog rests at 1.0 incline. All the hills were done at 7.1 or higher (maxing out at 8.3 at 7 incline, which was hard!) The rests were at 6.7 or more, which were only possible since the reduction in incline each time felt like a rest in itself. I didn’t get my heart rate totally high as often as I usually do with speedwork, but it seemed like a solid workout.
11/6- an easy short 2.35 miles with circuit training. I can do a hand walk across parallel bars for 25 meters now, which is exciting. :-) And four pull-ups! I’m happy with how my overall fitness is progressing. This was a reasonable run and felt really good considering I had just done interval training the day before.
11/7- Saturday 9.68 miles with the running group. Ran with a biker, and both of us were so intent on showing the other that we could keep up, that we did the first half in 8 mpm pace. I knew we had started off too fast… and I usually like to head slowly into my long run, speeding up along the way, but I also didn’t want to disappoint my new partner. However, after she checked her Strava halfway through (I haven’t been wearing my watch since it broke last weekend), she slowed down. I stayed with her through mile 8, but after she said she wanted to go 9 versus 10, I sped up to do a little extra so that I could get back to the store (where we all meet) around the same time she did. It was a good run, but so humid that I ended up dehydrated and out of it for nearly the rest of the day. Lame, since it was a shorter long run. Also, because I was at just under 35 miles for the week, and I like to have my mileage pretty consistent when I’m not building it, I got in half a mile picking my car up from the shop (nothing serious, just an oil change!).
11/8- active rest with a nice swim (this time a little more serious with freestyle and goggles).

So, my total for the week was 35.1 miles, and while I still haven’t decided what to do next week, I’m thinking of a medium one with difficult speed-work, and an easier one leading up the race. What do you all think? Hope you had/have a good week with a great weekend, and that the next week starts off smoothly (no more daylight savings jetlag symptoms ;) )

Running Log 10/26-11/1, and a reflection on NYMarathon in action

Today, I had to decide between using my hour between grading papers to watching the live coverage of the New York Marathon, or blogging my runs this past week, so I’ve decided to do both.

In watching the race (the first time I’m actually watching live coverage like I would for a soccer match–shocking, I know!), I became aware of the packs of lead runners and saw a few of the “stragglers” (though how 5 mpm is straggling is on the border of my comprehension). It made me think about what it would be like running in that pack versus behind it, and how emotionally draining it must be to try and catch up with the pack the entire time. At least, as a part of the pack, one is with the other leaders and one can find some sort of hold on being with that pack. If one is constantly trying to think about how to make up that distance between one and the pack, there’s way too much that could go wrong during the rest of the race, requiring a lot more from within one meet one’s goals…

At any rate, here’s my humble running log while I can only dream of being part of one of those packs one day. I met my goals of 14+ mile long run and 35 miles this week. I feel like I should have made Monday a solid rest day, versus active rest day, but I’m taking my rest today and will see if I’m recovered tomorrow.

10/26- 20 mile bike ride. I rarely ride, so I don’t know why I decided to ride the day after a race rather than total rest, but it’s okay. It was a nice evening.
10/27- intervals at the gym. 3 x 1 mile with 800 meter rests. Strange progression @ 7:03, 6:50 and 6:30, but it worked. Mile and a half cool-down. Can never decide if the warm-up or cool-down should be longer.
10/28- easy miles at the park. Made the WWWP5K a part of it.
10/29- easy morning miles. Got the run done because I wouldn’t have time in the afternoon. Discovered that I can run in the morning and not feel very hungry for the rest of the day. Noticed some soreness on my achilles and calves though. Want to monitor them.
10/30- another easy morning run. Haven’t been running Fridays in a long time, wanted to make sure I had 24 hours between Friday run and Saturday long run. Some soreness still, decided it comes from the speed-work at the gym and not enough sleep or rest. Will be extra careful on the long run and resting over the weekend.
10/31- 14.8 miles, first few miles alone before the group run, the rest of the distance with the group. There were some neat costumes out on the streets! There were also great costumes out last evening! I almost dressed up as a marathoner, but decided Halloween is a chance to be someone you’re not so… I didn’t have any other ideas and was a laywoman.
11/1- rest day. Thankfully.

There, log done! Just in time to see the last quarter hour.

Hope everyone racing today (in NYC- lucky! or elsewhere) has a great run! Resters, do your thing. :-)

Running Log: 10/12-10/18 in which I have two speed workouts and don’t die

I’ve been getting Bulu boxes with samples for two months now, and my latest one had “Burn 360″s in it. I’m not a super fan of supplements (other than B12 and iron), yet I took a capsule. Afterwards, I realized the things have caffeine in them. Combined with my (should have been foregone today) morning cup of coffee, I’m bouncing off the walls. Blah. Unfortunately, I’m at the point of overdose where too much caffeine prevents me from being  productive at all, and I have a lot to do today. Oh well.

One of the most significant things to happen this week is that I pushed the bar up a bit. I’m obviously not comparing myself to the thousands of people who have two (or more!) speed sessions a week. I’m comparing myself to myself and how I haven’t done two speed sessions (if one doesn’t count soccer) since marathon training about four years ago. Whether doing so during a down week was the best idea is still TBD, but I’m pretty satisfied with how my training (even without following a real plan) is going.

On Tuesday, I had another chance to go to my university’s track. This time, I parked closer, but I still had a decent half-mile warm-up. Because I was shorter on time than last week, I got straight into the session and whipped out a mile. This week, I ran in 6:19:98… which is still slower than I think I can do, but a definite improvement over last week. I felt strong while running and found myself with the energy to kick it up a lot the last 400 (which is why I think I could have done the whole thing faster). That workout was rounded out with a few 400s while using about 1.5 miles to cool down. I didn’t do a lot of total mileage (it is my down week, after all), but the mile speed-work does the ticket as far as feeling tired afterwards. And I’m supposed to be able to do mile repeats for marathon training? There’s room to improve as far as fitness goes, for sure.

My second speed work of the week (after a really easy jog in the park on Wednesday) was on Thursday in the gym. Now that I’m getting some speedwork done on a track again, I really prefer it over the treadmill. There’s something to be said about not having to hit some buttons to speed up or slow down.

Thursday’s workout consisted of ladder intervals. For anyone who doesn’t know what ladders are (my brother thought they were an alternative to the stair stepper), they involve going up and down in distance. So, if I do intervals as .25, rest, .5, rest, .75, rest, 1 mile, rest, .75, rest, etc., then I’m doing a ladder. My ladder this week went up to .75 (I didn’t want to push another mile) and had .25 rests. I find myself never struggling for distance when I do intervals (I guess because the rest adds distance too), and had to limit myself to a half mile cool-down.

I left the gym feeling stronger than my track workout on Tuesday, so I think I’ll be able to handle double workouts like this more often. We’ll see how this week with more distance (would like to get to 35 miles) works out.

The weather is getting cooler!!!

Week rundown:
10/12- 4.68 run in the park with some circuit training. I can do 2 sets of 3 pull-ups!
10/13- 4.1 miles of intervals with warm-up and cool-down
10/14- 4.2 miles easy in the park, doing some of the stretches and arm exercises
10/15- 4.7 miles intervals with warm-up and cool-down
10/16- rest (perhaps one of my last Friday rests in a while… I don’t really need them anymore)
10/17- 11.89 miles on my own. Unfortunately, I ended up oversleeping after dreaming that I overslept and missed the time for the group run. I ran to the shop where the running group meets, reported and said hi (and to pass on a hello to my running mates who were out doing their thing), and ran home. It was lonely, and once again I only had speedy bikers giving me an occasional body within 50 yards.
10/18- rest!! And I don’t even need to water things today, since it’s been a week since the last trees were planted.
Total: 29.6

Oh! I guess I also passed my 1000 mile mark for the year, so that’s nice.

Running Recap: 9/30-10/4 in which I appreciate a good rest day

One of the perks of having a regular training plan is that I always have a rest day to look forward to. Without the regularity a training plan offers, I can have a rest day whenever I just don’t feel like running. It’s kind of like the difference between saving the chocolate for the evening in front of the TV versus eating it whenever one feels like it.

Today is rest day, and it is doing me well. I love the feeling of not having to get a run in, my morning time where I wake up early can be used to get some work done, my hair is clean and won’t get sweaty, and I am generally relaxed.

Of course, going to Home Depot and loading paving stones onto a cart, into the car, then onto my front yard doesn’t really count as rest, and we’ll see the damage tomorrow, but I think it’s all good.

I got in just under the 30 mile mark this week (29.9… and no, I don’t feel like I need to get it rounded up). That’s 29.9 miles if the week runs Monday to Sunday. However, yesterday, my seven-day counter had me at 39.7 miles, which is more than I’ve done in a good while.

My counter is higher than usual because I did my “long” run on Sunday versus Saturday. I also decided to forgo the rest day after my long run, since it was nine miles and I needed to get back to schedule this week, which meant running Monday-Thursday.

I expressed my concern about running too much back-to-back in my last entry. I know that running too much without the necessary rest is a recipe for injury, so I made sure to not push myself during my runs. My goal was really to get through this week without injury. According to how I feel today, I think I made it! I feel okay today, but am glad to give my hamstrings and feet a break.

9/30- 4.23 miles in the park with some circuit training (easy peasy)
10/1- 5.28 miles with 1 mile warm-up, 5K of intervals in 24:28 (in run/recovery runs: 2 x .3/.2, 1 x .5/25 rest and 2 x .3/.2 and last one .42/.2), 1.16 mile cool down
10/2- (also a rest day, but it didn’t really feel like one, since I was mentally prepping for the run Saturday)
10/3- 10.85 miles in 1:32. I wanted to do 13.1 miles, but was thwarted in my plans by serious a serious conversation at 6 in the morning. Had a few faint twinges in my left knee that could be left over from the intervals on Thursday. Need to keep a check on that.
10/4- Rest!

My intervals on Thursday (moved from Tuesday and only completed after serious consideration on if I could handle them) were a lot harder than usual. I’m glad to return to normal training again next week.