Running Update 8/29 – 9/7

I can’t believe that the last time I updated, it was still August. Now, we’re more than a quarter through September. If September were a mile run, we’d be cruising around the first curve right now.

My runs this past workout cycle included two long-ish runs, an interval session, and a fair share of rest days. I actually did not want to take so many days off, but they may have helped put off runner’s knee.

I mentioned in my last-update that I had a ten-mile run. That was probably my favorite run of the cycle on August 29th. I woke up early, had some PB on toast, and left. I got to run up A1A, which for those of you who know south Florida know is beautiful. Huge, fancy mansion with swwaying palm trees beautiful. I enjoyed my trudging along while the bicyclists came from both directions and did their thing. It’s a shame, but I was the only runner out at 6 AM… and every biker had a friend or five. Oh well. I’m thinking of joining a running club soon.

Following the ten-mile was the obligatory carb-fest (not that I think 10 miles were enough to warrent it, I just felt like it), a rest day, and an easy run to ease into the new week. Then another rest day. Then a run. Then another rest day. The run sandwiched between the rest days was actually nice. I did four miles of intervals, 400 meters with 400 meter rests. What wasn’t so nice were the 95 degrees with humidity (and blaring sun) at 5 PM in the park, but I somehow made it home alive and felt fine again two hours later.

I’m disappointed about the rest days, but after the subsequent 4 milers on Friday and Saturday, with an 8-miler on Sunday, my knees have been causing me some trouble. I don’t know if I should take it seriously and stop running, or if it’s something I can ease through… thus, I am wondering if despite hating rest days, I need to be taking more. I’ve been having aches and pains since returning from Germany and I hope I’m not in an injury cycle. But running isn’t fun when it hurts. I need to be in tune with myself more again. Part of the issue were my shoes, but I can’t afford to buy new ones right now. Curses!

Let’s just see what happens. I have short runs planned for this week and my first running club group run on Saturday. I hope I make it healthy through the week! In the meantime, happy running to everyone! Hope the air is starting to taste like fall for you.


Some marathon training update, but not really

Sorry to those who sat back in their chairs, staring at this post and surprised that my blog titles even comes up again. I am surprised myself how rarely I updated this blog even though I do something I could post about nearly every day.

But for the curious and silently competitive (you know, those of you who like to read what other people do to see how you do in comparison ;) ),

some data:

As one can see, I’ve been getting my long runs in for at least five weeks. I didn’t take the recommended drop-down week, but I did always try to listen to my body and take enough easy days.

April run recapI managed to complete my twenty miler last weekend (3:03), two weekends before the marathon. I knew it was that weekend or never, and I decided the mental and physical boost of doing it at least once would be worth it. So far, no injury, so good.

Despite the relatively sparse week this past week, I actually did a lot of walking, so I think that my mileage effort is still on target to be fit for next weekend.

crosstrainingI also managed it through two weeks of soccer training and an intense soccer game without injury, so I think marathon #3 will not be interrupted by injury (knock on wood), so I am very excited. I have to do lot more preparation before next Sunday though (see this guy‘s blog for the kind of stuff I’m not doing right) and the weather looks like it will be cold and wet (oh well), but I am just excited to be running one of Germany’s biggest races. I won’t let a bit of rain dampen my spirits (but I am thinking about making sure I have a good set of dry clothes for post marathon; no need to kill myself over this).

Hope you had a good weekend of running. A good last week of taper for those racing next weekend.

Moin, Nachbar

In Hamburg (as in the rest of northern Germany), the traditional greeting is “Moin.” Sometimes, it’s “Moin, Moin,” but it basically means “hi.” So, “Moin, Nachbar” means “Hi, Neighbor.”

Everyone and his/her neighbor was out on Saturday. The stretch along the Elbe that I’ve staked for most of my runs since being here was filled with pedestrians–old, middle, and young couples with or without children or dogs were clogging up the walkways along the river. I don’t blame them though, because I enjoyed the feeling of sun upon my skin too. The light made the river sparkle even more beautifully than it usually does, and the sun shone through the leaves that were still green or had already turned red, yellow, and orange. The blue sky and the colors all around made my heart sing (a bit like this song

Sunny and mild (65 degrees Fahrenheit), I didn’t want to stop, even after covering more than 13 miles.

Life was truly in color, in motion.