If you found this site through my main blog, deutscherwanderwolf, you may be tired of all these introductions. I probably could have introduced myself as a runner in my main blog, since it is a part of my identity. However,  my main blog is for the general public, and most people don’t care whether I’m a runner or not. Readers of this site, however, will likely care and want to read more about me as a runner.

So, yup. I’m a runner. I never really had the pride in that statement that others may have because I didn’t have a mighty transformation; it was more a transition from soccer to jogging to running. I’ve been running for about 13 years now.

I started playing soccer when I was 5 (more or less, can’t remember) and I was pretty good at running after the ball. I also liked to race my brother around the house and race my friends in school to lunch. I don’t know when I ran my first mile, probably in P.E. during middle school, but I know that I actually ran a decent distance in the eighth grade on the treadmills. That year, my classmates and I were given permission (read: required) to use the newly constructed weight room for our school. I wasn’t very interested in the weights that made my skinny arms hurt and counting repetitions seemed stupid. My favorite part was when we were allowed, after doing our daily weight sets, to do cardio for the remaining time. There was a competition with all the machines for who could complete the most distance. The treadmill was my machine of choice, but unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to go above 6 mph (something I found fairly simple) and so I always hoped for more time in order to get a higher distance. Eventually I ran three miles and won the prize (something I took for granted at the time-funny). My P.E. teacher nearly forgot to give me the prize, but she didn’t forget to advise me to run cross  country… which I did. Since then, my longest break from running has only been a few weeks.

I was on varsity right away in cross country, and the top runner by the end of the year. My first official time in a 5K race was 27 min. something. By the end of the year, I was running sub 24  min. (not  fast, but promising) and my coach was asking my parents to send me to running camp in Asheville. That didn’t happen, but my second year of cross country brought me to districts (a race I missed the previous year, since I didn’t realize it was important), regionals, and states. My best time at states was 21:15, and I was pretty proud of that. I figured I had two more years of competition and could cut off two more minutes, at least. I ran track that year too and made it to regionals in the 2 mile with a 12:58 time.

However, puberty, AP and IB classes, little sleep and social life took its toll my junior and senior year of high school. I did enough on the teams to be captain, MVP, and receive various scholar-athlete awards, but my running itself wasn’t really getting better. So after high school, I tried for a while to go longer. My end-goal was the marathon, but I started with a few half-marathons and ran my first full marathon when I was 20 at 4:08. It’s not bad, but disappointing when one considers that my best half-marathon time was 1:40. I could explain that disparity, but that will be another post. At any rate, I ran a second marathon the following year, another one in Hamburg while studying abroad, and a fourth one in Feb. 2016 where I PRed with 3:32. I had my share of difficulties along the way- training injuries, life getting in the way, but I started figuring out the marathon as a race (keep in mind, I never had any formal coaching for this kind of running) and  am looking to keep improving in the marathon distance. Eventually I’ll get the ultra marathon bug.

My two main running dreams are a sub-3 hour marathon and a 100+ mile race through something like the Sahara I’m young (26), so apparently I still have my best running days ahead of me.

Right now, I’m training for the Darß Marathon. I’ve been derailed by a broken toes, stress fractures, and wonky feet  for the past two years, making me miss three of the three marathons I signed up for. I’m hoping this training cycle goes well and that I can maybe PR and BQ again!

I usually run 5 days a week, so readers will likely have something to look at if they check-in! I plan to keep this site updated with my runs, habits, cross training notes and ideas, my weight training practices as related to running, and general news that I keep up with from the running world.

In the meantime, happy running to you,


updated February 2018