Running Log: May 15-31 (hey, I’m still running!)

Wow. So that went quickly. I may not be able to log again until the end of June, so I figured I’d blog about the rest of May now. I logged a grand total of 52.1 miles in May, most of those in the first half. Still, it’s more than a mile a day average and I find a bit of consolation in that.


My mom arriving put my “whatever works” plan to the test.  I found the first few days after she came tough to carve out time to run, but am slowly getting back into waking up early to get some running in, since I know a day with running is always a good day. We’ll see how well that carries out since the sun doesn’t go down until after 10 and summer nights are made for staying up late. But the sun is also up by 5, so I have no other excuses about getting up.

Runs of note:

  • I did another 5k test at around  22:10, and I’m starting to feel motivated about shorter distance running again to maybe shoot for a sub-21:30 in two weeks. I’m flirting with the idea of a few intervals this coming week as well.
  • My longest run was about 6 miles and while I plan to get more of those in the next few weeks, it’s not the top of my list of priorities. It was my first run with the new orthotic inserts and my feet were heavy, but it’s good for the arobic strength so I’ll def. continue going longer than 6, if I can.
  • I ran for a bit barefoot on the beach and found the foot not as opposed to it as it may have been a month ago.

In other news, I had my first PT session and it went well. Basically, it was a wake-up call that I need to return to high-school habits and stretch before every run. I’d totally neglected that and so the run of injuries over the past few years probably has a very logical answer after all.

Before you say “well, duh”, I should add that I have been stretching, but not all my muscle groups, not before running but rather after, and not for at least 20 seconds as the PT recommended. These are all things I’ve changed and I think I’m slowly feeling a whole lot better.

Looking forward to my first race since Dec., some more pain-free mornings and running, and higher humidity and heat as summer comes. Just kidding… the humidity can hide for as long as it wants.  I also may post a bit of my biking escapades next month as well, since I’m about to start doing some longer rides soon.

Hope everyone running this weekend (James and Paula!) have a good time and good times.

Cheers, Dorothea

4 thoughts on “Running Log: May 15-31 (hey, I’m still running!)

  1. great to hear that you are making it back from such a tough period with regards to your running…as you know, i’m in a bit of a dark spot myself right now, but i’ve put it behind and found time to reflect, heal, learn and return with new perspective…my biggest lesson learned is the importance of taking care of the body to be able to run as there is so much more that goes into this stuff, and you are spot on with that in your post…take care and look forward to keeping up on your adventures!

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