Log: March 6-19 (weeks four and not so five)

First of all, this is a late post and that’s a bit lame. In retrospect, I probably was reluctant to post about my first “failed” week, since I’m so used to writing when things are going well. But they’re not going well right now- I’m injured (even if still a bit in denial about it) and have a hectic personal and family life at the moment, but I figured I should update all the same.

Secondly, thank you to everyone who gave me tips for my heel pain. I tried all of them (not quite at the same time, of course) and none were bad advice. Thank you!

The problem is, no amount of  magic is better than the magic of pure rest. After completing the first three runs of last week alright, I still felt the condition of my right foot deteriorating, and I decided to do what I probably should have done as soon as I noticed a bigger problem- take a break.

I finally pulled the brakes two Fridays ago, because I realized the pain in my foot may not even be PF, and I was feeling discomfort in other parts of my foot as though I’m compensating, which is a bad sign. I didn’t think quickly enough to get an appointment before an unscheduled trip home, but I booked an appointment with a foot doctor (who is a runner herself) for as soon as I’m back in Berlin (in about a week). I’m not running until my foot has been checked out. I figure that whatever I have needs some rest anyway, and if what I have is more serious, I can get a head-start on the healing time the doctor predicts for me.

In the meantime, I also took a good, long look at myself and decided I this forced break is probably what I needed, and I need to be easier on myself.

As most of us do, I find being easy on myself very difficult. I’m a Type A personality, and even when I’m doing well in school, work, running, and in my relationships (or so I’m told), I never believe that to be the case. I always think there’s something I need to do better… and there probably is! No one is perfect! But that perfectionism mentality is pretty perfect in making one think one can be perfect- and that’s the curse of it.

There are personal struggles all of us go through, whether they be body image, relationships, work environment- basically figuring out what we want for our future and how we want to get there. I’ve had my fair share of these struggles,  but while I’m still young, I’ve lived long enough to know there are no quick and easy solutions and that I need to figure out what goals I think are worth taking the long route for.

However, I still look for the easy way out though in my work and in my eating habits… and I developed a few unhealthy patterns because of the resulting mentality. These past weeks of unscheduled rest days were daily reminders that I can and should have enough respect and love for my body to go easy on it for as long as needed, and I shouldn’t worry about the miles not run and the calories not burned, and I definitely don’t need to worry about the time not run…because there’s always a way to use time well.

So, until I’m cleared to run again, I’m not going to drive myself crazy with marathon training. Maybe I won’t even run any marathons until the fall, or this year. If so, the only person who really cares is me, and if I say I’m okay with not running, I’m sure I’ll find ways to be happy without it.

Of course, that being said, I know being active is a part of my lifestyle, and I am happy when I’m doing something even if it’s not running. But it doesn’t have to be intense or at the level of marathon training. I tried that last summer after breaking my toe, and ended up injured again anyway.

So, for now, things like swimming, biking, and weight training to keep some fitness and get some energy out is all I need. In the meantime, I also need to straighten out a weird relationship with food and exercise I’ve developed since last year, so it’s probably good to start at square “A” in training and fueling.

These runs include: 8 x 800s at 3:30 or less with 400m recoveries, I had a 3:25 average and felt strong and controlled throughout. The heel was complaining afterward, but not as much as after long-run Saturday; an easy 7 miler with a fast finish; a 3 mile tempo run at sub- 8 mpm; and what was supposed to be an easy 3 miler that became reduced to 1, in order to preserve myself for my schedule 13 miles at half marathon pace. That didn’t happen, so I ended up with a tad above 22 miles for week four. Week five started off with a two one-mile test runs… and then a few strides at the park that weren’t so great either.

In short, yep, marathon training weeks four and five aren’t ideal. But I’m pushing myself out of the denial and depression and into some more positive thinking, because that’s just how I roll.

Hope daylight savings didn’t kick you in the butt too much and that training is going well for all you April marathon folks!- Dorothea


19 thoughts on “Log: March 6-19 (weeks four and not so five)

    • wanderwolf March 20, 2017 / 14:41

      Thank you for the feedback. It feels weird to put it out there, but I’m glad it’s received well.


    • wanderwolf March 20, 2017 / 14:40

      Well, a broken bone’s no fun! But a break from something can be healthy… and I probably have enough time to get back into it for June if I start back in slowly. Just hope whatever this is is nothing long-term!

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  1. neveradullbling March 19, 2017 / 18:10

    I owe you an email, :D
    I hope your foot heals soon as well. It does sound as if a little R &R was needed, and no better place than sunny Florida!! Relax, enjoy yourself, and I hope your foot pain turns out to be no big deal. :D

    Liked by 1 person

    • wanderwolf March 20, 2017 / 14:39

      I hope it’s not a big deal, and at the same time don’t want an excuse to return too quickly, either. Don’t worry about the emailing… I just wanted to share with you, but I know life is super busy. :-) especially when you’re trying to save the animal world. :-)

      Liked by 1 person

      • neveradullbling March 20, 2017 / 15:14

        Lol! :D
        James commented last night that if we lived in Florida, I’d have to deal with alligators and pythons. I told him I would have to find a different job. (I believe they all deserve a chance, BUT, I’m not going to be one who handles a gator, ;D)


  2. bgddyjim March 19, 2017 / 22:50

    Heal fast! At least you have a plan and a bike! You have to look at the positives…

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  3. Harold L. Shaw March 19, 2017 / 23:20

    You are young, you will heal fast ;-). Keep the chin up and keep smiling, you will be back to it soon enough rested and ready to go :-)

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  4. sarahdudek80 March 20, 2017 / 01:57

    So sorry to hear that your injury is being persistent but I really do admire your attitude about all of this. Rest and healing time for the mind and body are so important. I too rely on running sometimes for unhealthy reasons. In fact, while I had PF years ago, I took some time to really assess and address my attitude towards food and my diet. I learned about myself and unhealthy relationships I had with food. I hope that your time off is helpful for you.

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    • wanderwolf March 20, 2017 / 14:36

      Thank you, Sarah. It’s nice to hear that this can be a very useful time and that you were able to learn from a time like this!

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    • wanderwolf March 21, 2017 / 18:32

      I can’t see which video this is! Do you mind reposting the link?


  5. thehangryrunner March 28, 2017 / 03:48

    Soooo frustrating! Are there any kinds of other exercises you can do? You know…to take the edge off and not feel so antsy? Hopefully it’s just your foot having a temper tantrum.

    Liked by 1 person

    • wanderwolf April 26, 2017 / 08:39

      Nope, my foot got hurt, and for a while I was frustrated, but I’ve actually come to terms with it. Will post soon, again!


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