Log: February 20-26th (week two)

Good news: I had a good second week of marathon training

Bad news: I’m not racing a marathon on April 23rd

Bad news: that’s two races I signed up for in April that I’m not running

Good news: I can transfer the entry of one of the races to a race in June

Bad news: It’s an evening race. I’m not a great evening racer. It usually involves staying on my feet too much beforehand, being tired, and having a weak bladder

Good news: It’s in June. I have enough time to prepare and get my sh** together.

So, that’s my thought process on running these past few days. Cancelling my attendance of the race boils down to saving 300 Euro. Saving 300 and being able to go home for three weeks versus paying +300 or not coming home at all and participating in 40 Euro race that gets held every year? To a runner, it may not sound as ridiculous as it first sounds that it was NOT an easy choice to make, but now that it’s made I’m happy.


Running itself went well enough. As one can see from the graph above, I only had three kinds of runs this past week. Sure, those easier days had some faster paced strides and a few fast miles, but overall, I ran easy three days, had a longer mid-week run (11 miles), and had two intense workouts.

Workouts of this week : 4 x 1 mile with 400m (0r 2:30) recoveries and a “halvesie” long run with first half easy, second half marathon pace.

Turns out, my easy pace is about 20 seconds faster than the plan calls for (had to trick myself into running slowly by singing out loud on the run, no shame- it happens when you run solo) and my marathon pace (8 mpm) is too easy for an 8-mile stretch. My long run yesterday averaged at 8:10. Not meaning to brag, it just happened that I felt good yesterday and held an 8:40 average for the first 8 miles and 7:40 average for the second half. My paces miles 8-16 were 8:02, 7:48, 7:38, 7:40,  7:39, 7:21, 7:59 and then one at 7:01. Somehow, my body at mile 15 was like “hey, it’s a tempo run, might as well push it for the last mile and pretend like it’s mile 26 of a marathon and forget that fact that 7 minute miles were hard enough on interval day last Monday.” There was no “what are you even thinking?” in my interior monologue. Of course, I regretted it a bit after the run and the rest of the say, stretching out a lot of soreness today, but I was running off my first mid-run fuel this training cycle and generally feeling good after a week of mostly easy runs.

Can’t forget those intervals on Monday, though. After looking at the plan Sunday night, I kind of freaked out. It’s not that I haven’t done mile intervals in a while (I did them Jan 23rd) and they were three at 6:50 or less, but I had .5 recoveries. This time, I had to do 4 intervals with one lap recoveries. Geez. The first interval I actually recovered with 2:30 minutes and ended up running 0.15, so I didn’t even need a whole lap. Of course, the pace went down for the next interval and I recovered with 0.22 and 3 minutes. My paces were 6:58, 7:03. 6:55, 7:03. I needed a full 0.25 recovery after each interval following the first two. 2:30 was just not enough and my HR was at 185 by the last one. But, I got it done!

Confession: 3/5 runs this week were on the treadmill, including the interval session and 11 mile mid-week longish run. I felt it in my legs and back by the end of the week, which is why I’m glad the weather was good yesterday, because there was no way I was doing the 16 on the ‘mill. Monday’s use was the result of a kind of fear of getting the intervals done well outside. I wanted to be able to control as many factors as possible, and the track is still closed. My runs in the gym are always at 1.0 incline, though I cheated a bit for the last interval and did it at 0.5, dropping to 0.0 half-way through. Wednesday’s mid-week run was the result of procrastinating on it so much in the morning that I had to do it in the evening after work, and it was cold, dark, and rainy outside- the perfect trifecta of reasons not to run outside. Friday’s treadmill run was out of convenience, since I decided to do weight work at the gym. Note to self: don’t do a full-body workout the day before a long run, especially if it was the first time all week.

This week, I hope to do as many runs as possible outside, get my strength work done not on the day before the long run, and get through the 47 miles and 18-mile long run (I haven’t done that distance in more than a year) kicking. However, given the fact that I’ve had three weeks of building and I have an extra 40 days in the plan, I may make this a cutback week. We’ll see by Wednesday.

Hope you had/have a great week! -Dorothea

Fun fact: I saw two deer at mile 13 of my long run. They just bounded across my path and disappeared into the woods. There was something special about that moment and in me.



6 thoughts on “Log: February 20-26th (week two)

  1. I love those moments when you spot nature at its best… :-) But if you’re not running in April, what’s your running goal now? (June seems a long way away, though I’m sure all this hard work will stand you in good stead and pay off in the end!)

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    • Great question. My goal now is to get to a more ideal racing weight in a little bit more time (which is a relief) as well as continue with the plan, but not have to worry as much if I take days off (which, given some changes in personal plans for the next few weeks, is a good plan!).
      My schedule still has the 23rd marked, and I may turn it into a pretend race for myself, or just a long run. Either way, the June race is four months away, which is a good scope for a marathon anyhow.

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  2. I admit, it would’ve been a hard decision to make, but I would’ve opted to go home too. And what a great week in running you’ve had!! Love all the 7s! I would be over the moon if I went out and 8 miles only took me an hour… ahhh, per chance to dream, lol! Good job Dorothea! Hope you’re niggle-free and you have another great week!

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  3. Doing the good thing and going home to see family :-). Your running is going gang-busters and you will be ready for whatever race you do eventually enter. Using the treadmill to control the variables is something that I have learned is a nice tool for the toolbox. If you can do the time on the treadmill, it does help with the training and also the confidence. :-) Great week for you.

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