Running Log: Nov 14-20

I currently have no motivation to write about anything other than my running and my dissertation, so I guess it’s a good thing that this is a site for the former. I have to say, I think a lot of my lack of motivation comes from still reeling from the results of the presidential election, and I’m still working through how I feel about being a US American in Germany right now, so my Wanderwolf site is going to remain a bit neglected.

But that aside, let’s talk running. This was a great week. Maybe it was returning to my M,T,W,F,S routine, not having a race on Sunday, doing less biking through the city because of awful weather, who knows.


Since I signed up for the 5K on New Year’s Eve, I decided my goal would be to place in the women’s overall, and while I wouldn’t have to PR (based on previous years’ results that need to be taken with a grain of salt), I do have to pick off about a minute from my current “I’m trying” time. So, intervals and tempos are back on the menu. I did 3 x 1600ms on Monday, which were okay, but I held back too much and didn’t get the feeling of satisfaction of giving my best. Still, 6:55 average and only to get better from there. Tuesday was a necessary easy run, cut short by two miles due to lack of time. Wednesday I had 4 miles tempo on the plan, but didn’t feel ready to start after my mile warm-up, and made it a progression run. I did 4 miles in 30 minutes like I wanted to, but I failed to have a steady pace. This lack of steady pace is something that kept me from breaking 3:30 in my last marathon, so I really want to work on that.

I think my favorite run of the week was the long run (aka Chelsea Trot, since I also had my Thanksgiving meal yesterday). It just felt so good and I felt strong. All the knee and feet niggles disappeared within the first miles and I could feel myself carrying well and I felt like I was in control for the whole run, which is something I haven’t felt in a while. 11.1 miles in 1:26 is just the cherry on top.

Today is a rest day to recover and recharge.

So, there you have it. My running exploits of the week.

Hope everyone racing this weekend or throughout the next week as a part of Thanksgiving festivities have great runs. Shout out to Paula and James who are running in Tulsa! May the wind be at your back and the party be miles long.



Running Log: Oct 31-Nov 13


I left you with my last update and a race recap, and now, two weeks later, it’s time to report that I ran another race and did my first “long run” since injury.

Oct 31-November 6

Following the Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Crosslauf of October 30th, I was sore… like post marathon sore (though not quite as bad. I could still do stairs). I guess running a sustained fast-ish pace for a longish time when not having done that for a while will make you sore. Hills that I usually don’t charge up and down probably added to the lactic acid build-up and my DOMS. But I survived! I didn’t run the day after the race, but I went for a ride and the movement helped.  I realized on Wednesday, where I was still sore, that something was up- and then I foam-rolled (how did I forget that exists?) and then things felt better. Needless to say, all my runs that week were easy and I think that was a good move considering I had run a race and was about to run another one.

8.6 kilometer Long-Distance Running Club Crosslauf 

This race was fun. Many more people than at the last one… the number of women who ran on Nov. 6th were the number or runners overall at Friedrich Jahn, and the competition was much more fierce. Still, I’m proud of what I accomplished during that run, and I managed to score a shoe care set in the raffle afterwards! I’m lazy, so I’m copying my training log entry from RunningAhead here for the rest of the recap:

Should probably have not had the extra drinks yesterday and also not have done a full strength workout or cleaned the house yesterday. Still, a pretty solid effort and I feel okay about this: 20/133 and 5th out of the women, 40:03 for 8.6k

I used the power of music- but without the headphones. Had “You’re gonna lose that girl” for a while running through my noggin, because there was that girl up ahead I wanted to catch up to, but after she was long gone, I pulled up The Script and Katy Perry’s “Rise” for the extra oomph. After km 7, I thought I had a mile to go, but the GPS wasn’t really working properly, so I actually should have gone for the final sprint a lot sooner.
Went zooming through the finish line. Just barely over the 40 minute mark. Since the GPS is weird, I’m also not quite sure if I had a negative split, which was my goal. 5K in 23:11 and 4,3k in 20:05… so I think it’s a negative split? The whole thing was faster than last week by more than 10 minutes, even if it was only one k less… though that makes me also think the race was a bit short? Oh well.

November 7-13

Not much to report from the past week. While I took several days off running, I was on my bike everyday and could feel the need for a serious rest day today. Just having trouble sleeping while being fatigued was a sign that my body needed rest, not to mention the fact that I just mentally needed the break. In good news, I was a lot less sore after this latest race and my mile-trial (which isn’t really a trial, since it’s always just in the middle of a normal run) has dropped thirty seconds in the past few weeks. I’m slowly getting my old fitness back. And a solid 10 miler yesterday doesn’t hurt the confidence, either.

Looking forward, I signed up for a 5k race with my brother on Dec. 31st, so I’m looking forward to reviving the sibling rivalry.