Running Log: In which I forget what day it is and just hope to get to next week as quickly as possible

I guess this is the log for November 9-15th. Dates and stuff.

Before I quickly break down my week, I just want to say that I’ve got a few great posts lined up for all my blog sites, but I’m incredibly busy with the end of the semester, grading, and my own continuing education applications… so please excuse my scarcity on your blogs as well! I read and “like” when I can (since I do really like most of what I read!), but I can’t be as active as I want to be. But I do want to have a good update of my training before the next post, which is likely be next Sunday after the race, THE RACE, so here it is:

training week November 9th

(cliff notes: it was a strange week with unplanned rest day and a tempo run before a long run, with a higher mileage than I’ve done since July. Maybe not the smartest week, but I’ve got three rest days lined up for next week)

11/9– easy six miles. Well, 5.98. I was aiming for six miles, but no longer have my GPS (could buy a new one, just left writing this post to see if I could get a good deal, but really, I don’t want to jump for a 50+ dollar watch right now, and my training is going fine without it. I’m back to charting courses on maps and using a stopwatch. It’s all good) and misjudged the distance a bit, but not by too much.
11/10- intervals! The last hard session before the race. Had done some research online (dangerous, I know) for ways to prepare for a 5K PR, and one was to use a hard interval session to gauge fitness. Some coaches suggest 3×1 mile with 200 meter rest, and some suggest 5×1 kilometer as being a better way to see whether one is prepared. I, of course, went with what is “better,” even though I’d never done km intervals before. I figured out that 1 km is about .62 miles, so 2.5 times around the track, and that a 6:50 mpm pace is about a 4:14 mpkm pace. I did what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks now, which is go to the university track and use my jog there as the warm-up. I almost did my first interval, but then my shoes came untied and I had an 83 second interval lap. Jogged to the 200m line and then let loose.
I’m quite please with my intervals. If one leaves out the 200 meter recovery jogs, I ran a 20:43 5K. Of course, I did have little recoveries between the intervals, so I can’t know if I can pull off the pace for 5K straight… but I think I can hold the goal pace at least. All my intervals were under 4:14 except for the fourth one, which was 4:16. My fifth km, I was in pep-talk mode. I kept talking to myself, telling myself that if I can do it now, I can do it for the race, if I gave up now, I wouldn’t know if I could do it at the race, the doubt would bring me down and this was a chance to get confidence, etc. It ended up being nearly as fast as my first 3:59 km- 4:01.
The cool-down was a drag, but I’m glad I did it, otherwise my legs would have been messed up on Wednesday.
11/11– super easy recovery run with circuit training. Celebrated Veteran’s Day with my Dad.
11/12- unplanned rest day. My brother had an emergency, so my run got nixed. It happens, but at least everything is okay with the bro now.
11/13- because of the fresh legs, the easy run turned into one of my fastest runs in a while- sub-8mpm for more than 7 miles. I felt good, and so I didn’t reign it in. I didn’t know I was sub-8mpm, so that was a pleasant surprise when I got home.
11/14- Of course, what goes up must come down. The pace came down for the first few miles of the weekly group long run. It’s nice to run with members of the group, because most of them hold a pretty good pace for me to warm-up with. Thought I’d go for 10-12 miles, but had 13-14 in the back of my mind, and since I felt good at 6 miles, I went for a bit more before turning around and getting in 13.1. I must have sped up after mile 3, because my overall was 8:40… not bad, considering yesterday’s run! I definitely feel my fitness getting better.
11/15- rest day today! Rest day tomorrow! Rest day e’ry day! Just kidding. I’m looking at a 4×400 meter on Tuesday and two or three other runs before Sunday.

Geez, I guess this wasn’t a quick update after all. I like to write about myself, don’t I? ;)

Total: 38.4 (still less than 10% more than last week, so I’m okay, right?) and this coming week is definitely a “down” week.

Hope it’s a good one for you all. A lot of you have Turkey Trots (hopefully sans running trots) next week as well, so good luck! And happy running.


14 thoughts on “Running Log: In which I forget what day it is and just hope to get to next week as quickly as possible

  1. Fabulous!! You even kick butt without a watch to guide you!! Awesome possum!! And your 5K was amazing! So what are you really hoping for with next week’s race? How’s your PF? No ouchies anywhere? I’m cheering for you!! Hope you do better than you expect!!! I’ll be excited for next week’s report!! :D (Stay healthy this week!!)

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    • Thank you so much, Paula! Yeah, I still have some PF symptoms (last night, I had to wake up to stretch out my arch… it was itching because it had to heal from a long run/long day yesterday; I fell back asleep again, so it was okay).
      My goal is “just” a PR, which would be anything south of 21:15. I’m hoping to get 21:13, since that’s a cool number. A reach goal is sub-21, but I’ve never done it, so I don’t know if it’s possible for me right now. Either way, it will be exciting! I can’t wait for next week’s report either! Though I only just realized that my race is Saturday, not Sunday, so I have to do some tweaking for my training this week :-)
      Hope you have a good week of running and otherwise!

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      • Well, considering you just ran an unofficial sub-21, I really do have faith in you, especially as you’re going to have the “excitement” of it to fuel you as well!! Oooo, looking good Dorothea!!

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  2. Great training week…those intervals are super impressive and sounds like you are ready for a great 5K and a shot at a PR. We’ll be running a 5K and 10K over Thanksgiving too, though not at that pace!! I’d be good with 23-24 at the 5K and 47-48 on the 10K…I think but I’ve never run a 5K race so not sure…have a great week!

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    • Thanks! You too!
      And yeah, I think the 23-24 and the 47-48 sound reasonable, though don’t be surprised if you surprise yourself! Is the 5K or 10K first? If the 5K, you may find yourself being quicker on the 10K, and vice-versa! Looking forward to those race reports, too.


      • The 5K is first on Saturday and then the 10K on Thanksgiving Day, so hopefully will be a fun week and 2 PR’s if all goes well, though I just have to get to the finish of the 5K to PR :)

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      • That’s the BEST part of a new distance. I was just thinking, you could Go around telling people this was your first 5k, but find a way to let them know you’ve done marathons before :-)

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  3. What a great week of running! And Hey, wait. I’m catching up on all things Blog. Are you in South Florida??? I’m heading there in January. At least I think I am. If there are any races we can meet up at, drop me a line! Welcome Back!! :-)

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