October 2015 Recap

Sometimes, I wonder if I’m pursuing the right field of work… I mean, I would much rather read and write about running than prepare for teaching/grade papers. But maybe that’s everyone. I’m sure once I can read/write about literature again, I’ll be much more motivated. Again, this post is more a way to procrastinate than anything else, but I think it’s also good to reflect on a month to see where I’ve been and where it takes me.

October 2015 is one of my best running months in nearly a year.

Sept 2014-Oct 2015

Last October, I was spending my first month studying abroad in Hamburg, Germany. There, running became a way to cope with anxiety of being “alone” (I wasn’t totally alone, but it sometimes felt that way) in a foreign country, and a way to fill in time and create a routine in a new place where I didn’t know what to do a lot of the time. That’s why Nov. 2014 was such a high mileage month! However, as one can see from the graph, my mileage dropped after my half marathon in Dec. After I developed PF, I used Jan. to recover and heal, and then I picked up mileage a bit through the spring to prepare for the Hamburg Marathon. Post marathon, I did what any mortal does and took a break. The summer was difficult to run regularly with summer courses, family vacation, and a lot of traveling. Since getting back to the states in August, I have slowly been increasing my mileage again.

However, Oct. saw a big jump that I’ll have to keep an eye on in case I do start feeling injury. There is always the danger of the PF flaring up again, and my knees complaining due to the resulting extra stress. On the other hand, while the mileage per month seems to have increased a lot, it’s only because my weekly mileage has been slowly inching up. Slowly enough that I’m not too worried.


This past month brought an increase in speed work and a good 5K test run. I’m building my long run throughout the fall, but being careful about that too.

Looking forward, I have a race planned for every month (the first time since freshman year of college- yay for adult paycheck!) and I’m excited about trying to PR in the 5K, half-marathon and marathon. The real goals are the 5K this month and the marathon in February, so there’s enough chance in between to relax and enjoy the holidays.

Looking at other people’s months, Oct. was a big month of racing and great running! I know for a lot of you readers, the winter is  time to recover from hard summers and falls, with the goal races in the spring again. Here in South Florida, winter is race season, so the Saturday group runs are becoming more full and racing calendars are filled.

Happy November, everyone! I’m excited about the last weeks of the semester and the winter break just around the corner.


7 thoughts on “October 2015 Recap

  1. Can completely relate on wondering about being in the right business!!…If only this writing about running gig would pay…love the charts and graphs – given me an idea for a future article too :) It seems that the bulk of the mileage is in your easy pace zone which should be the right approach you continue to build distance – I seem to struggle with keeping runs easy and too often feel like they are a lot harder than they should be, like today for example! Mind you, Paula and I got to run in some atrocious weather…welcome to fall/winter running in the northwest!

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    • Yup… a lot of “easy” miles ranging from 8:30-10 mpm. Anything faster I call tempo. I don’t know what “junk” miles are, so I like my easy runs, because keeping them easy is what allows me to put in some tough workouts. Charts are so much fun. I’d love to read an article with them!
      I do not envy the weather for you in the NW, though it would be nice to escape the warmth once in a while.


  2. I love the way you procrastinate! It sounds all too familiar! Love the graphs as well! Let us know how the Monday run went so we know you’re not hurting, and really looking forward to hearing about it when you hit that PR goal this month!! :)

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