Wednesday 5K_WWWP5K

For a while after I first saw the Sherlock series a few years ago, I was obsessed with the character (and a bit with Cumberbatch, who represented him). It went so far as to think that had some sort of super deductive skills, or was facing dangerous situations like he was. Out of this arose a question for myself, and-no lie- it worked for a while: WWSHD? What would Sherlock Holmes Do?

This WWWP5K acronym reminded me of that… there you go; now you have a random fact about me that you didn’t ask for.

TO get to business, the Never a Dull Bling blog featured a WWWP 5K post today (or yesterday? How time flies!) and I’ve been inspired to participate, so this is my post.

5K for the World-wide WordPress 5K completed. It was a part of my daily run, after the circuit training circle I did at the park. I made it home just in time before a thunderstorm hit.

Now, the challenge is on. Between Monday, October 26th to Sunday, November 1st, make it your challenge to do a 5K. Whether it be planned anyway, or is an extra run, find a way to share your run with a group of like-minded runners … rather than posting it all over social media for people who really don’t care ;) Have fun!


2 thoughts on “WWWP5K

  1. Yayyyy!! You did it!!! Is that the Runkeeper app then?? Any noteworthy bells and whistles? Well done Dorothea!! And may I just say that video was hilarious! And oh so true, haha!! BTW, I like that… WWSHD… I’m going to have to remember that!! Inquiring minds want to know!!! :D


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