30 questions about me and my running: Answered

Since I’m running again (yay! it’s barely above 25 mpw yet, but it will get higher eventually), I decided to post about it again. Since I enjoyed reading other people’s answers to these, I decided to answer them myself.

1. What’s your favorite type of running shoe?
Whichever pair get me through a training cycle without injury. The lat shoes to do this were my ASICS Gel-Pheonix’s… four years ago :/ But my ASICS GT 1000 and Mizuno Wave Creation 14 with personal orthotics are doing pretty well now too. Though both are at/near the 400 mile mark. Need to switch them out soon.

2015-02-01 10.06.23

Not only do my running to normal shoes hold a 2:1 ratio, but you can tell from the color which ones are the normal shoes.

2: Do you run to music?
Depends on if I need the extra motivation to get out there!That reminds me though, need to go update my mp3.

Alright. I’m back.

3: Do you run in a gym or outdoors?
Outdoors. Currently have no gym membership, so it’s either brace myself for the winter that has come, or not run. Not much of a choice, when put that way.

4: Do you bring a sports drink or water out with you when you run?
Never. I have a water belt and only used it three times during marathon training a few years ago. May use it in this marathon training cycle for the runs over 15 miles.

5: How many miles can you run without breaking?

6: Do you prefer long, mid or short distance running?
Depends on how much I’ve eaten prior. I really like the 10-15 mile range.

7: How long have you been running?
I ran a lot during soccer training growing up, but didn’t start running competitively until 9th grade cross country and 10th grade track.

8: What do you think about when you run?
Food. What I will eat when I get back. When I’ll do laundry again. Sometimes I’ll work through writing projects and ideas.

9: Do you run when you’re emotional?
I have to run then. It’s a way of working through the emotions and I return from the run calm and ready to deal with anything.

10: Have you noticed any changes in your life since you started running?
I used to be super hyper-active and less thoughtful in my movements. That’s gotten better. I also think I am the person who I am because of running. I’ve grown up with it, kinda, so it’s a huge part of my identity.

11: Do you stretch?
I used to do it during cross country before and afterwards. Since solo, I didn’t do it enough. I write “enough” because I’ve gotten more injuries since not stretching, so now I do a lot of dynamic stretching throughout the day as well as before and after my runs. It’s become time to meditate a bit too, which is a nice side effect.

2015-02-01 10.05.57

I do a lot of foam rolling/foot rolling now too. One of the best investments I’ve ever made.

12: Do you plan your day around your run or your run around your day?
Always plan my day around my run. Unless it’s a rest day, I know I have to get my run in.

13: Do you run with someone else?
Sometimes my brother, sometimes a dormmate. Usually solo.

14: What motivates you to run?
Food. The good mood I have afterwards. The feeling of moving through space and the things I get to see while doing so.

15: Are you surprised with how well you run?
Only if I feel like crap all day and the run turns out well. Usually, however, I know that the way I run is an indication of 1 part talent, 9 parts hard work and consistency.

16: Do you run marathons/races/both?
This question doesn’t make sense. A marathon is a race…. and yes. About to start training for my third!

17: What’s your best mile time?
5:57, though I feel like I have it in me to do it faster, some day. I recently ran a 6:59 minute mile as a gauge of my fitness post-injury. Ha ha. I’ve got some work to do.

18: Do you run to keep fit or keep fit to run?

19: Do you prefer to run in heat or in cold?
I like both, as long as it isn’t humid. If humid or dry- cold. If raining or dry, heat.

20: Is it hard for you to get out of the house to run?
If it’s cold and raining, yes. If I’ve just gotten back from a horrible day of work, yes. If it’s dark, cold, raining and I’ve had a horrible day of work, the run just ain’t happening (though I’ve said that before, and done it). So, tl; dr: it’s hard many times, but I usually make it out of the house to run.

21: Do you ever regret not running?
Nope. Because I’ve always done it! unless injured or without the time. I also never regret running. :-)

22: Do you keep a record of your running times?
I’m a dork. I’ve been keeping a record since 2009 on my Runner’s World Training Log. Nowadays, I also have a record on the TomTom sports page and Runkeeper.

30 questions update

23: Do you have a running idol?
It fluctuates. A lot of times it’s actually fellow bloggers on WordPress. If I need hardcore motivation, I rely on stories I’ve heard about elites without really remembering the names.

24: Does anyone else in your family run?
My dad ran in high school. He stopped long before I was born. My brother runs, if I’m lucky.

25: Are you currently trying to become a better runner?
Always. I don’t think anyone says “alright, I’m a good enough runner, thanks.”

26: Do you run when you have nothing else to do?
I don’t know. What is this “nothing else to do”? But I suppose, since one of my favorite parts of a vacation is having more time to run, I guess my answer is “yes,”

27: How often do you run?
Right now, as often as feasible coming off an injury. I’m trying to start slowly and not rush into marathon training. Usually I’ll run six days a week and allow one day for recovery.

28: What is your biggest running-related dream?
I have three: Run sub-3 hour marathon. Win a marathon (albeit a small race, ha ha). Run a 100+ mile race. All three are pretty big, though the second one is maybe the biggest. It’s the only one that extends beyond personal achievement.

29: Will you run for the rest of your life or just until you become what you want?
What do I want to become? Until I become a marathon winner? I hope I can run for the rest of my life. But I’ll stop running when it stops bringing me joy.

30: What are your favorite exercises to team with running?
Like, in a row? A triathlon? I’ve been doing a lot of bike riding to balance running, but I’ve paired running with soccer my entire life. If I keep getting injured though, soccer is the first to go.